Gravita Senegal SAU

Gravita Senegal SAU, established in 2008, operates state-of-the-art recycling facilities located in Sandiara just 50 km from Dakar, Senegal's capital. Our plant is a pioneer in safe and environmentally friendly recycling processes. Collaborating with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), we have successfully addressed hazardous content from scrap batteries, reducing contamination in rural areas. As the sole lead recycling plant in Senegal, we benefit from government support, ensuring a competitive advantage and delivering world-class products to customers.

We started with lead battery recycling and expanded to recycle other materials like lead, aluminium, plastic, and rubber, contributing to the country’s economic growth. Our unrefined lead is supplied to our Indian plant and exported to the US and European markets for radiation shielding and construction applications.

With a current recycling capacity of nearly 14,200 metric tonnes per year, we offer a range of products and services:

  • Refined lead
  • Lead & lead products
  • Lead alloys
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Plastic granules (PP, HDPE, ABS, LDPE)
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Turnkey Solutions Consultancy

Turnkey Solutions & Consultancy

We offer turnkey recycling solutions for lead, aluminium, copper, rubber, and plastic worldwide. Our tailored services include design, engineering, installation, and commissioning of recycling plants, ensuring maximum value and return on your investment.

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Driving Change Together

Driving Change Together

At Gravita Senegal SAU, we go beyond traditional operations to foster innovation and collaboration. We prioritise teamwork, innovation, and social responsibility through community outreach programmes and support for local causes.

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We are an equal opportunity employer and we have invested in building up employment opportunities and livelihoods within the local community.

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Gravita Senegal Sau

Plot Number 34a & 35a,
Zone Industrielle Spécialisée De Sandiara,
Sandiara, Senegal