Aluminium Scrap

At Gravita, we trade in aluminium scraps all over the world and also import aluminium scrap from all across the world. We believe in procuring the best material for our buyers and have established ourselves as a brand in trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Mainly we trade in two categories of aluminium scrap: Taint Tabor and Tense Aluminium.

Taint Tabor: Consists of old clean alloy aluminium sheet of two or more alloys, free of foil, Venetian blinds, castings, hair wire, screen wire, food or beverage containers, radiator shells, airplane sheet, bottle caps, plastic, dirt, and other non‐metallic items. Oil and grease should not exceed 1%. Up to 10% Tale is permitted.

Tale: Consists of clean, low-copper aluminium siding scrap, painted on one or two sides, free of plastic coating, iron, dirt, corrosion, fibre, foam, or fibreglass backing, or other non‐metallic items.

Tense: All clean aluminium castings containing auto and airplane castings but no ingots, and are free of iron, brass, dirt and other non‐metallic items. Oil and grease impurities are to remain at a maximum of 2%.

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