Plastic Granules

At Gravita, we take pride in being the ultimate destination for a wide range of HDPE and PP polymers. Our collection includes recycled polypropylene granules, polycarbonate, HDPE, ABS granules, chips, and compounds, all meticulously crafted using high-grade plastic scrap and cutting-edge techniques, ensuring unmatched properties and superior quality.

Unparalleled Quality

Our commitment to manufacturing plastic granules from recycled plastic scrap sets us apart in the industry. We take pride in offering meticulously crafted, high-quality products that undergo rigorous testing in state-of-the-art laboratories. Quality is at the forefront of our endeavours, and each production lot is subjected to thorough testing to ensure it meets the precise requirements of our customers.


Polypropylene Black Granules

S.No. Name of the Test Test Method Unit Test Value
1 Melt Flow Index ASTM D 792 g/cc 6-8
2 Ash content at
ASTM D 5630 % 0.19
3 MFI @ 2.16 kg
load at 230°C
ASTM D 1238 g/10min 4.09
4 Tensile Strength
at Yield
ASTM D 638 N/mm2 20.87
5 Tensile Strength
at Break
ASTM D 638 N/mm2 27.87
6 Flexural Modulus ASTM D 790 N/mm2 619.00
7 Izod Impact Strength ASTM D 256 kJ/mm2 47.22
8 Heat Deflection Temp. ASTM D 648 °C 86.7

HDPE Graules

S.No. Name of the Test Test Method Unit Test Value
1 Melt Flow Index ASTM D - 1238 Gms/10 Min 6-8
2 Density ASTM D - 1505 Gm/Cm 3 0.930-0.990
3 Tensile Strength
@ vield
ASTM D - 638 Kg/Cm 2 Min 220.00
4 Notched Izod Impact ASTM D - 256 KgCm/Cm Min 9.00
5 Head D eflection
ASTM D - 684 °C Min 95
6 Filler Content ASTM D - 5630 % Max 1.00

Typical Applications of These Products

Automotive Pipes
Batteries Bottles
Bags Cans
Caps & Closures Crates
Industrial Products Woven Sacks
Appliances Storage Tanks
Pallets Trays
Sheets Chemical Containers
Packaging Films Flowerpots
Boxes Toys

Empower Your Innovations

Our Plastic Granules serve as the building blocks of countless products and applications. From automotive components to consumer goods, batteries to electrical appliances, our granules elevate the performance and longevity of the end products.

Get in touch with our team today to explore our wide range, technical specifications, and tailored solutions for your specific requirements. Together, let's bring your vision to life with unparalleled quality and performance.

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