Navam Lanka Limited

Navam Lanka Ltd. situated in Mirigama, just 40 km from Colombo airport, marks Gravita’s entry into the beautiful nation of Sri Lanka. Since its inception in 2000, we have in 2000, we have upgraded the entire manufacturing setup, solidifying our position as Sri Lanka's largest producer of lead ingots and polypropylene chips. Leveraging local government benefits, we enjoy a competitive edge, allowing us to deliver world-class products.

At Navam Lanka, we take pride in recycling lead battery scrap (ISRI-RAINS) and smelting lead ore/concentrate. Our advanced processes primarily produce refined lead with some lead alloys, approved by customers from Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. Additionally, we supply high-quality polypropylene washed chips to the plastic industry.

With a recycling capacity of nearly 10,000 MTPA, our ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified facility specialises in recycling lead acid battery scrap and smelting lead concentrate to produce lead ingots and polypropylene chips/granules.

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Going Above and Beyond for Our Planet

Navam Lanka goes beyond manufacturing and recycling. Our facility fosters innovation, collaboration, and community engagement. We support local communities through social service initiatives, participating in outreach programmes and backing local causes. At Navam Lanka, teamwork, innovation, and social responsibility flourish.

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Our Range of Sustainable Products and Services

Navam Lanka is committed to recycling and manufacturing a diverse range of eco-friendly products, including:

  • Lead and lead products
  • Polypropylene chips
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Consultancy

We offer customised turnkey recycling solutions for lead, aluminium, copper, rubber, and plastic. From designing, engineering and installation to commissioning, our comprehensive services ensure maximum investment returns and a sustainable future.

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Get in Touch

For more information or to contact us, please fill the form below. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing how Navam Lanka can contribute to your sustainability goals.

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Join Our Team

As an equal opportunity employer, we are proud to invest in building employment opportunities and livelihoods within the local community. If you are seeking a rewarding career and share our passion for sustainability, explore our dedicated page for openings in Sri Lanka.

Regional Office


Navam Lanka Ltd.

Plot No. 27 "A",
MEPZ Mirigama Export Processing Zone,
Mirigama (Dist.- Gampha), Sri Lanka