Battery Scrap Buyer

We are India's largest lead acid battery scrap buyer, importing scrap for recycling from around the world. We purchase all types of used lead acid battery scraps as well as battery plates and paste. We also buy soft lead scraps such as sheets, pipes, cable stripping, etc. and remelted lead ingots, also known as lead bullions.

At Gravita, we have a vast global network of scrap procurement that includes 27+ own yards, 1,500+ touchpoints, and 205,000 MT+ of scrap collection. This ensures that we can procure various types of scrap material from around the world, including used lead acid batteries, lead scrap, aluminium scrap, plastic scrap, and rubber scrap. Our recycling verticals ensure that these materials are utilised efficiently and help reduce environmental impact.

We are the top lead battery scrap buyer in India and worldwide. We collect Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULABs) from lead acid battery sellers globally.

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