Moving Towards a

Gravita India Limited firmly believes that the pressing issues of climate change, resource scarcity, waste disposal, pollution, and threats to diversity demand a complete re-evaluation of our relationship with resources. We have developed economic and social models that are more efficient, balanced, and sustainable to tackle these complex challenges.

into Our Approach

Our company prioritises ESG (environment, social, governance) issues in our resource recycling endeavours. We believe this is not only a wise business approach, but also imperative in our efforts to preserve the planet through sustainable recycling practices.


Our dedication to environmental sustainability isn't just good for the planet – it's great for business. Discover how we're reducing our footprint, boosting recycling efforts, and embracing alternative energy sources. Explore our commitment to a greener future for both the world and our thriving enterprise.



Our social responsibilities are integral to our business success, extending far beyond our business operations into the communities in which we operate. We have introduced various initiatives to ensure that we uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.


We believe good governance is achieved through transparency, integrity, and accountability. Discover our robust multi-stakeholder strategy, the financial acumen of our adept Audit Committee, and our commitment to ethical governance for a resilient future.

ESG Roadmap