Our commitment to environmental sustainability is good for the planet and our business functions. By reducing our environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future, we are building a more substantial and resilient business that can thrive in the long term.

ISO – 14001:2015 Certified



Scrap Collected


Recycled products delivered


Resources Recycled
(Lead, Aluminium, Plastics and Rubber)

Increased Domestic Scrap Collection

A strong focus on aggregating domestic scrap has contributed to the effective recycling of waste in the country, with domestically collected raw materials going up to 54% of our total raw material collection in India. This is governed by the shift of scrap procurement from the informal to the formal sector for processing through an authorised recycler, through contracts with battery manufacturers, through pan-India collection of scrap from corporates, and through executing contracts with various chains of workshops around the country.

Scrap Recycling

Lead, aluminium, and plastic scrap used in the manufacturing or recycling of finished goods is led by an established scrap collection and recycling process. Robust systems have been installed to mitigate exposure risk of hazardous materials and to provide a strong and well-governed environment for industrial and worker safety.

Conservation of Energy

We consciously track the use of resources such as energy, water, and raw materials throughout our operations. We are minimising electricity consumption, improving our energy and water efficiency through dedicated in-house efficiency projects as well as by recycling and reusing waste water generated during the process. We also use pyrolysis oil generated during the waste rubber recycling process as an alternate energy source for recycling lead and aluminium, thus lowering dependence on conventional electricity and external fossil fuels. We are also installing rooftop solar plants at our locations to reduce dependence on conventional energy, thereby reducing our GHG emissions.