Lead Powder

Gravita produces lead powder with precise particle sizes, catering to specific applications. Our lead powder process ensures consistent particle sizes, making it suitable for use in oil and gas exploration, radiological medical protective clothing, industrial X-ray shielding, golf clubs, anti-friction applications, radiological protective gloves, and more.

As a leader in powdered lead metallurgy, Gravita offers a variety of high-purity atomised lead powder with options in grade sizes and custom blends. We cater to orders of all sizes, from small quantities to truckloads. Gravita provides 99.97% pure lead for exceptional quality.

Lead Powder (Air Atomized) Typical Specification

 Apparent Density

3.7  ± 0.1 g/cc

Fineness at 250 Mesh

1% Maximum



Metallic Purity


Particle Shape


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