Lead Sheath

Gravita is a prominent group specialising in lead and lead product manufacturing. We offer top-quality lead that is perfect for lead sheath making. Additionally, we import lead as scrap from companies involved in lead sheath wire production, obtaining various raw materials like lead acid battery scrap (ISRI-RAINS), battery plates (ISRI-RAILS), different types of lead scrap, raw/re-melted lead bullion, and lead ore/lead concentrate/lead scrap from lead sheath from various countries.

Lead Sheath

Lead Sheath Cable

Lead was among the first materials utilised to provide impermeable sheathing for electric cables. Lead sheaths are available for various wire and cable insulations, ensuring complete moisture resistance and exceptional durability. These cables are extensively used in underground ducts and wet locations, where mechanical strength and moisture resistance are crucial.

Thanks to lead’s pliable nature, it can be extruded onto cable cores in unlimited lengths at low temperatures, protecting sensitive conductors (like optical fibres) and insulating materials (such as paper or plastics). Soldering lead sheaths is a breeze at low temperatures, making cable length jointing and new installations effortless. Advanced screw-type continuous extruders have enabled the production of jointed lengths of submarine power cables reaching up to 100 kilometres.