Pure Lead / Refined Lead Ingots

One of the world’s leading manufacturer of Refined/ Pure Lead Ingots

Pure Lead Ingots are produced from Raw Lead Bullions/ Remelted Lead Ingots/ Secondary Lead Ingots / Lead Scraps through Pyro Metallurgical process. Our refining process produces Pure Lead Ingots with a purity level of 99.97% to 99.985% by weight.

Our Plant is having four Refining Kettles with capacity of 30 MT, 16 MT, 10 MT and 7 MT. Automatic Ingot Casting Machine casts 10 MT ingots per hour and ensures Dross-Free, smooth top surface and uniform weight of each ingot.

Composition of Refined Lead / Pure Lead – Lead inquiry



Composition in %

Antimony Sb 0.001 (max)
Arsenic As 0.001 (max)
Tin Sn 0.001 (max)
Copper Cu 0.001 (max)
Bismuth Bi 0.015 (max)
Iron Fe 0.001 (max)
Nickel >Ni 0.001 (max)
Silver Ag 0.003 (max)
Zinc Zn 0.001 (max)
Calcium Ca 0.0005 (max)
Sulphur S 0.0005 (max)
Aluminum Al 0.0005 (max)
Selenium Se 0.0005 (max)
Cadmium Cd 0.0005 (max)
Tellurium Te 0.0010 (max)
Lead Pb 99.970 (min)

Our Quality is Tested by

Quality ControlOur modern quality control Laboratory consists of Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) of Spectro, Germany make and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) of ThermoFisher, Germany make. Our manufacturing operations to produce Pure Lead / Lead Alloys, Lead Oxides (Litharge, Red Lead & Lead Sub-Oxide), Other Lead Products (Lead Sheets, Plates, Pipes, Wire, Powder, Bricks etc.) are controlled round the clock by experienced Chemists and Q.C. Supervisors.Our manufacturing operations are driven by quality, adherence to specifications and customer satisfaction.

We follow stringent quality measures that make us win new customers in an increasingly competitive global market place. We keep on identifying areas for improvement, at every stage of manufacturing process to provide our customers with the best value for their money.

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