Health, Safety & Environmental Management

Gravita is the India’s leading secondary lead producer having presence in three continents which includes Asia, Africa and America. Our prime objective is to save mineral resources through maximize the recovery of lead metal from scrap ensuring environmental compliances. Our energy efficient eco-friendly recycling operations plays a vital role in contributing to the nations in terms of safeguard resources and manage scrap/ waste efficiently. It is not only helping in reused the metal time and time again but also handling wastages without affecting environment.

sustainabilityOur manufacturing units are certified to ISO 1400 and OHSAS 18001. Energy conservation, health and safety of employees & environment protection are our motto. Our operating systems ensure compliances in our prime objectives.

Entire process cycle is strictly regulated and environment norms are complied. The processes are audited times and again.

Gravita is synonym to green in terms of health of the environment, health of people and health of the society. We organize health and medical camps in frequent intervals. We have invested our resources to ensure sustainable operation in all aspects through energy management, waste management and resource management.


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