Lead Powder

Gravita considered as Leader in powdered Lead metallurgy, as we offer Lead Metal Powder:

  • A variety of high purity atomized Lead PowderLead Powder
  • A broad range of options in grade sizes and custom blends
  • Order sizes tailored from small quantities to truckloads

The typical usage of Lead Powder is:

  • Oil and gas exploration, Radiological Medical protective clothing, Industrial X-ray shielding, Golf club manufacturing, Anti-friction products, Radiological protective gloves etc.

  • Gravita provides 99.97% Pure Lead


Lead Powder ( Air Atomized)
Typical Specification

 Apparent Density 3.7  ± 0.1 g/cc
Fineness at 250 Mesh 1% Maximum
Flow 32
Metallic Purity 99.7%
Particle Shape Globular
Lead Powder

Lead Powder

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