Lead Plates

Gravita is one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of lead plates. We provide Lead plates with pure Lead and also available such as antimonial Lead as per customer specifications. The entire process of Lead refining and alloying is environment friendly and our comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety programs are unrivaled in the industry.
Lead Plates

Lead plates are used in radiation shielding applications including industrial, nuclear and medical because of its high density and high atomic number. Lead is an effective construction material for shielding from X – rays and Gamma -rays. Lead plate can also be used for mining and refineries, Boat & Yatch industry and also as a sound barrier.

The proven design and performance of Gravita lead plates are available in various thicknesses to accommodate a broad range of applications and any customized size lead plate is available upon request.

Lead Plates Manufacturer


  • Tank linings for Chemical industry
  • Lead flashing for construction industry
  • Vibration absorbers
  • X-ray shielding for health services
  • Gamma Rays shielding in nuclear industry
  • Used as Lead gaskets in mechanical engineering like pump’s flanges, pipes.
  • Corrosion resistance lining for plating, anodizing, mining and refinery industry.
  • Used for fabricating Lead anode/ Cathode for electrodes in the process of electrolysis.


  • We manufacture lead plates through rolling process which means better grain structure compare to casting process.
  • the resistance against atmospheric influence
  • the resistance against aggressive substances
  • suitable electric potential of lead with respect to other metals


Sea worthy / Road worthy packing (HDPE packing in wooden pallets).


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