Lead Mono Silicate

drumLead Silicate, which known as Lead MonoSilicate is an economical compound for introducing Lead Metal into a glaze and as a source of Lead in the glass industry. Lead MonoSilicate is available in either granulated or ground form. In the finely powdered form, it is readily soluble in dilute hydrochloric and acetic acids.This composition is the eutectic mixture of Lead Ortho-silicate and Lead Metasilicate with a chemical composition of 85% Litharge (PbO) and 15% Silica (SiO2).

Color Light Yellow
Form Granulated or ground
Density 6.6 – 6.8
Melting Point 700-784°C.
Coefficient of Expansion 9.3 x 10-6 (50 – 450°C.)
Refractive Index 2.00 – 2.02


Element Range
PbO (litharge)  85 +/- 0.8%
SiO2 (silica)  15 +/- 0.8%
This composition is the eutectic mixture of
Lead Orthosilicate and Lead Metasilicate


Fe2O3 0.0120 0.0060
ZnO 0.0010 0.0004
Cu2O 0.0006 0.0004
Ag 0.0020 0.0010
Bi2O3 0.0300 0.0025
As2O5, Sb2O3, SnO2 0.0019 <0.0010
Ni, Te, Th, Cd 0.0008 <0.0005
Co, Cr, Mn, Se 0.0002 <0.0001

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