PP Crusher for Lead battery Recycling Plant

Gravita is one source for Lead processing technology. Company has its own world class fabrication facility for technology solution for Lead Battery Recycling.

We are one of the leading Plastic (PP) crusher manufacturers for different capacities varying 100 Kg/ hr and above.

Our Plastic Crusher Machine works smoothly with perfect finishing and less time consumption. The plastic boxes are crushed & converted into PP Chips which is further a saleable commodity.

PP Crusher

PP Crusher

Key Features:

  • The removable rotating cutter of plastic crusher with specially designed blade configuration ensures high cutting force.
  • The plastic crusher with high torque, energy saving and heighten the quality precision, and efficiency.
  • Compact size, multi-purpose, and movable.
  • Durable with high performance


 Polypropylene Chips Polypropylene Chips

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