Lead Balls

Lead Balls

Lead Balls

Lead balls are normally used for radiation protection to fill and melt into hollow spaces and gaps in Lead shields where other Lead products like Lead sheet or Lead bricks are not approachable.

The material has a low melting point and can be processed easily and fast into a homogenous barrier layer. The standard program comprises of diameters from 2.5 to 4.0 mm. Further dimensions can be produced on request.

Weight and ballast

Hollow spaces can be filled with lead balls to achieve a loading. The diameter of 2.5mm has an approximate versatile bulk density of 7kg/dm³. Higher apparent densities can be achieved through filling lead balls of 10 mm diameter.

Lead balls are used for various other applications such as:

  • Stress testing: Providing variable weights in strength-of-materials stress-testing systems.
  • Hydrometers: use a weight made of Lead balls
  • Split Balls: a larger type of lead balls where each pellet is cut partway through the diameter.
  • The heads of some dead blow hammers are filled with balls to minimize rebound off the struck surface.
  • Shot belts: scuba diving, cycling and swimming.
  • Model rocketry: to add weight to the nose of the rocket, increasing the stability factor.
  • Lead balls are used for a regenerator in Stirling engines and thermo acoustic crycoolers.
  • Lead balls for wall construction suitable for radiation shielding applications.
  • It is used to attenuate radiation, especially X-rays and gamma rays in Medical and nuclear industry.
  • For free casting steel / free machinery steel.
  • Ballast for counter balance, bridge construction & building
  • Cored Wire Manufacturing

Lead Balls Size:

  • Gravita manufactures Lead balls from diameter 1.5mm to 4.5 mm with the Lead content of 99% and above as per the customer’s specifications.


25Kg HDPE Bags. We also provide customized packaging as per customer requirements.

Lead inquiry

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