Gravita organized blood donation camp at its head office, Jaipur


Gravita organized a Blood Donation Camp at its corporate office at Jaipur, for its community as part of its CSR initiatives.

68 enthusiastic participants including employees, office boys and support staff participated in this noble cause. A total of 47 proud donors donated their blood. The program continued for the half day. A total of 47 units of blood were collected from all the donors who satisfied all the preliminary medical tests like BP, HB, weight-check etc. The camp concluded with the donors being served with tea, coffee and snacks.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Kapil Mahajan, Head– Human Resources said, “Blood donation is a noble cause and every blood donor has contributed towards community development. We thank our donors for their participation and will continue to associate ourselves with such initiatives in the near future.”

The Blood Donation Camp was arranged by GRAVITA India in association with Swasthya Kalyan Blood Bank Jaipur. Medical Team of Doctors and Paramedical staff from blood bank was present at the camp.The camp was held under the guidance and active participation of Team Human Resource and Administration along with all colleagues of GRAVITA Group.

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