About Group

GRAVITA is a rapidly growing business house based in India with considerable international operations. The group employs around 500+ people worldwide and is on a massive expansion drive. In the present year GRAVITA proposes to set up more than a dozen new plants overseas. On account of its strong values and business ethics, GRAVITA has been able to carve out a niche for itself in a very short span of time both at home and abroad..

Gravita manufactures Lead metal by the process of smelting and recycling followed by refining, alloying and manufacture of Lead oxide (Litharge, Red Lead and Lead Sub-oxide).The Group at present has 8 Lead smelting facilities in operation, of which, 4 are in Asia and 4 in Africa. Besides, the Group is engaged in the trading of Lead Scrap, ore, concentrates, battery scrap and allied Lead products globally. The Group also provides technical consultancy and support for the establishment of eco-friendly recycling units.

Gravita is managed by a team of high calibre professionals who set their own goals and are committed to providing low cost–high quality Lead and its allied products. The Group is extremely versatile and maintains stringent ethical standards. We are committed to the preservation and protection of our natural resources and the environment.. We have the ISO 9001 certification from BVQI (VKAS) and conform very strictly to ISO – 14000 guidelines.

21 years of experience in the Lead industry have made us pioneers in the field and Gravita is a name one can justifiably be proud of today.

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