Lead Battery Breaking and Separation

Hydro Lead Battery Breaking & Crushing Unit

Battery Hydro Separation System

Battery Hydro Separation System

Operating Principle & Process:

Gravita provides Battery Hydro Separation System which is an automatic unit for breaking the batteries and segregating the Lead Ore, Lead Paste and Polypropylene chips in a simultaneous operation.

The Lead acid battery / Drained Batteries are being placed on the Belt Conveyor which carries them to the battery crushing unit which is the first / initial stage of the system. Here, batteries break / crush into small pieces by the impact of the rotating Hammers. Then after crushed / raw material moves through the vibrating screen for further washing and segregating of Lead paste.

Then the recycled water goes to the acid neutralization section which to be treated with line and get neutralized for reuse. Remaining crushed material which normally contains grid / terminal and polypropylene chips deliver in hydro separation tank for further separation of Plastics from Lead ore / grid.

Major parts of the system

  • Moving Belt Conveyor
  • Hammer Mill
  • Wet scrubber
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Grid Screw Conveyor
  • PP Chips Scrapper
  • Intermediate Slurry Tank
  • Filter Press
  • Acid Neutralization system


S. No Item Specification
1 Production Capacity 3-10 t/hr (Customization available)
2 Built-up Material AISI-316 & IS:2062-E250 BR
3 Power Consumption 260 Kw (for 5MTPH)
4 Water Consumption 600 LPH
5 Water Recycling Rate 96%
6 Lime Solution 1:10
Battery Breaker
7 Material AISI-316 (chrome casted)
8 No of Hammers 16
9 Motor Rating 75 kW
Manpower Required
10 Supervisor 1
11 Skilled and Unskilled Labour 3
Recovery From input
12 Lead Recovery 70-75%
13 PP Recovery 10%
14 Acidic Water 15-20%

Key Features:

  • Latest state-of-the-art Technology
  • Automatic System with variable Capacity from 1 MT to 10 MT Per Hour
  • High Level of segregation accuracy of lead Ore/ gird and PP chips
  • Low power consumption
  • Very Less Manpower required
  • Designed as per the pollution norms
  • User friendly in working


  • Lead paste
  • Lead Grids/ Lead Ore
  • Polypropylene Chips