Turnkey Solutions for Lead

Gravita India offers Turn-key solutions for Lead Acid Battery Recycling processes and plants. We are one of the leading Turn-key project suppliers for Lead smelting and recycling. Through our Turn-key projects we offer customized solutions to our customers.

Turn-key, as would be evident from the nomenclature of the word, refers to something that is ready for use at the turn of a key. Our Turn-key projects are ready to start production, at full capacity, in a short span of 5-6 months. We as turn-key solution providers offer the following services.

Key Features & Services:

  • Lead Acid Battery Recycling Technology
  • Secondary Lead Smelting Plants
  • Lead Refining, Alloying Techniques & Equipments
  • Lead Sub-Oxide, Red Lead & Litharge Manufacturing Plants
  • Pollution Control Systems for Lead Processing Industries
  • Technical Consultancy & Services for Lead Recycling & Smelting
  • Training of Personnel for Lead Processing
  • Designing & Retrofitting of Existing Pollution Control Plant / Battery Recycling Plant
  • PLC based Control & Monitor System for advanced set-ups
  • Layout and composite Engineering design for the plants.
  • Complete supply of plant and machinery.
  • Assistance and supervision during plant erection
  • Commissioning of the Plant
  • Provide information and training to personnel.
  • Establishment of quality with respect to process and product.

The solutions we offer can be tailor-made to a customer’s needs with special focus on timely delivery and effective pollution control. Our solutions meet the requirements of all small to medium scale Lead processing units. Our plants are extremely eco-friendly and cost-competitive and our entire operations fully meet the stringency of ISO 9001 and 14000 guidelines. Our turn-key services are in full conformity with both technical and regulatory norms.

The Machines we offer:

  • Battery Cutting Machine
  • Battery Crushing & Hydro separation System
  • Lead Smelting / Recycling Furnace
    • Rotary Type and
    • Blast Type – suitable even for very small units with production capacity below 150 MT per month
  • Lead Refining Furnace
  • Lead Alloying Furnace
  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Fugitive Emission Control Equipment
  • Lead Ingot Casting Machine
  • Plastic Crusher & plastic Processing Plant

Our goal is to provide pollution free Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant. Contact Us for a detailed evaluation of your needs.

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