Lead acid battery cutting machine

It is a rotating wheel type Semi-Automatic Battery Cutting Machine of standard capacity 2 MT/hr. Metal Cutting Steel Blades rotating at high speed fitted on base frame structure. Forward movement of batteries against blade/cutting wheels is facilitated with Belt Conveyor mounted on long base frame. In order to cut different height batteries these two cutting wheels can be moved simultaneously up & down by Manual Or motorized gear screw arrangement.

After cutting the battery, plastic box is emptied manually by separating the Lead bearing material, Terminals, grids & separators etc. Subsequent crushing of Plastic Boxes is done in Plastic crusher and all lead bearing material is fed into charge for further smelting. If the batteries are not drained dry, Sulfuric acid has to be drained out manually before sending it for cutting process.

Breaking System & Separation of Components

  • Conveyor type rotor blade Battery Cutting machine is used
  • Two operators are needed; each at Charging & Discharging End of Battery Cutting Machine.
  • Operator at the discharge end is provided with two bins on adjacent sides so as to put Lead Bearing material on one
  • Side by just tilting the Top Cut Batteries & Plastics boxes are placed on different side


  • No Mixing of different color Plastic batches
  • Separators do not mix with PP chips

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