Lead Sheet X-ray Radiation Shielding

Gravita offers Lead sheet for x-ray room radiation shielding  and many applications including; nuclear shielding, tank linings, roof flashing, sound-proofing, vibration absorbers and waterproofing.

Recommended Thickness of Lead Shielding of X-Ray Rooms

X-Rays generated by peak voltages not exceeding

Minimum thickness of Lead

Weight per Square Foot in Pounds
Millimeters (mm) Inches
75 kV 1.0 0.039 2-1 / 2
100 kV 1.5 0.059 4
125 kV 2.0 0.079 5
150 kV 2.5 0.098 7
175 kV 3.0 0.118 8
200 kV 4.0 0.157 10
225 kV 5.0 0.197 13
300 kV 9.0 0.354 24
400 kV 15.0 0.591 38
500 kV 22.0 0.369 56
600 kV 34.0 1.343 81
900 kV 51.0 2.000 120


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