Human Resources

With our commitment to excellence we lay a very heavy emphasis on HR. To us HR is the focal point on which the entire company revolves. We encourage a work culture wherein an employee doesn’t feel stifled but can go out in the pursuit of excellence with freedom. An interactive atmosphere pervades the company and we regard our men as our biggest asset. To us the “Who”? is to be on the bus is more important than “What”? Just as we value our employees so also do we value our esteemed customers.

We also seek to foster the employees’ opportunity for growth; expansion of new ideas and work ethos through an atmosphere of appreciation and recognition of their contribution. The Human Resource Department here, as always, remains the catalyst for change and constantly strives to build a strong value-based high performance culture resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction. And in doing so we never, even for a moment, forget that we have a commitment to the society at large.

Human Excellence – The Trump Card

The Human Resource Department is committed to provide human excellence to the company. The following are its myriad activities –

Training and Development –
We lay great stress on training and are fully aware that the best training and development facilities must be provided for our employees, so that they make a meaningful contribution to the achievement of the organizational objectives. It goes without saying that training and development are extremely dear to us.

Reward & Recognition –
We understand full well the philosophy of reward and recognition and strive to build up an atmosphere where excellence does not go unrewarded. We also try to create an atmosphere in which performance alone is the criterion for growth. A simple thank you or well-done, along with specific rewards for excellence form the corner-stone of our policy.

Welfare –
The company is well aware that a happy and contented work force is the key to an organization’s progress. A plethora of welfare schemes are a part of our policy so that our employees feel at home. A common kitchen for all employees epitomizes our work culture that all employees are like members of a single family.

Entertainment –
The company understands full-well that it is humans and not robots that constitute our work-force. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a proverb whose implications have been aptly imbibed by us. Ample entertainment opportunities are provided for the employees, which include picnics, sports and celebration of most festivals as a group. A quarterly GRAVITA news-letter is on the cards which will provide a complete over-view of the activities that we undertake.

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